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Established in 1985, European Auto Wholesalers LTD has been built upon on a lifetime of passion for automotive excellence. For over three decades, European Auto Wholesalers LTD has been hand-selecting only the finest automobiles; establishing a reputation for quality and attention to detail. This dedication has resulted in the ultimate car buying experience, in which the process is stress-free, simple, and focused.

As passionate, classic car enthusiasts, we offer specialized services for those seeking the enjoyment that only can be found behind the wheel of vintage automobiles. Whether you are looking to sell or buy your next classic, use our Sell My Classic Car and Vehicle Finder features above to tell us more! To learn more about the exciting cars that we work with and enjoy, navigate to our Classic Car Garage and follow us on Instagram for daily updates.

No matter what kind of car you are looking for, we are here to find it. From our ASEcertified technician; specializing in all things high-performance, to our decades of experience in every facet of the automotive industry, European Auto Wholesalers, LTD. offers customers the ultimate experience.

European Auto Wholesalers

European Auto Wholesalers