Nearly 40 years ago European Auto Wholesalers, LTD. was founded through a lifetime of deep passion and dedication for automobiles and business. Like many young automotive enthusiasts, the cars eventually grow from toys to the real thing, making the dreams of carving the turns and hearing the engine rev a reality.

In 1985, European Auto Wholesalers, LTD. was born, offering to both the trade and public the finest automobiles. Here at our 30,000sq. ft. indoor, climate-controlled facility are cars of all years, makes, and models. From the unmatched luxury of Mercedes-Benz to the exciting performance of the latest sports cars, European Auto Wholesalers, LTD. is proud to offer an inventory that fits all interests. Our knowledgeable team shares decades of real-world experience in hand-selecting vehicles and seeking out the best of the best. These keen abilities allow European Auto Wholesalers, LTD. to provide customers an enjoyable experience unlike any other.

Our commitment to the customer experience is found throughout our entire purchase process; After all, buying your dream car should be fun! With many of our customers hailing from all over the United States, we know how important the details can be, which is why we provide in-depth photography, timely communication, FaceTime video calls, pick-up service from local airports, transportation arrangements, and so much more. Even from thousands of miles away, our customers can be confident in their purchase.

Our founder's passion for automobiles, especially classic and vintage, has led to our involvement in hundreds of vintage rallies, auctions, events, and charities. Whether you are searching for your first classic, want to expand your own collection, or sell your vintage car, European Auto Wholesalers, LTD. is here to offer fair and insightful assistance to the best of our abilities.